Our CompanyMilestones

Celebrating 20 years of excellence in the industry.

From serving the semiconductor and electronic manufacturing industries in 1999, we have now grown into a well-established enterprise, garnering recognitions and accreditations from the most reputable agencies in Singapore and around the world.

1999 to 2005

Founded in 1999 to serve the Semi-conductor & Electronic Manufacturing Industries

Awarded distributorship for specialty lamps used in photolithography process

Established wafer handling tools business

Established ion implanters business

Awarded distributorship for chemical resistant fitting, tubing and valve

Awarded distributorship for photomask cassette and wafer holder

Setup local chiller repair centre

2006 to 2011

Obtained distributorship for FFKM O rings

Established turbomolecular pump repair business

Localise valve repair business

Awarded distributorship for 4 point probe system

2012 to 2018

Established metrology tools service support business

Obtained ISO 9001 certificate

Became member of Singapore Green Building Council

Received Singapore SME 1000 award for 3 consecutive years

Localise turbomolecular pump repair to better support our customers

Obtained BizSAFE Level 3 certificate